Department Administrators

Academic Services Boes,Lisa
Academic Services Abrahams,Talia (Non-Official)
Academic Services Hoppe,Kerri (Non-Official)
Admissions Chamberlain,Phoebe S
Admissions Taranto,Victoria (Non-Official)
African & Afro-Amer Studies Justinvil,Delande
American Studies Musegades,Paula Jo
Anthropology Carpenter,Laurel J
Association for Jewish Studies Katchen,Aaron (Non-Official)
Athletics Kim,Michelle
Biochemistry Aldrich,Maryanna Michel
Biological Physics (No Admin)
Biology Rochette,Amanda (Non-Official)
Biology Rochette,Amanda (Non-Official)
Biology Wong,Jean E (Non-Official)
Biology Felton,Heather M
Biology Heinrich,Judith Studley (Non-Official)
Biophysics and Structural Biology Program (No Admin)
Bookstore (No Admin)
Brandeis Emergency Medical C. (No Admin)
Brandeis Jewish Education Program (No Admin)
Brandeis Theater Avis,Alyssa J (Non-Official)
Brandeis University Press (No Admin)
Brandeis-Genesis Institute for Russian Jewry Sherman,Masha
Brandeis-Genesis Institute for Russian Jewry Vitkin,Victor (Non-Official)
Budget & Planning Cwalina,Marianne
Budget & Planning Freda,Kenneth (Non-Official)
Business Muise,Karen E (Non-Official)
Campus Operations Qualter,Dianne
Campus Operations Coletti,Donna J (Non-Official)
Capital Projects Feldman,Daniel
Center for German & European Studies McAllister,Heidi (Non-Official)
Chaplaincy Afienko,Ellen
Chemistry Jasset,Mary
Classical Studies McAllister,Heidi
Cohen Ctr for Mod Jewish Stud Lokshin,Masha Sud
Communications, Office of Coletti,Donna J
Communications, Office of Griffin-Goode,Audrey (Non-Official)
Comparative Humanities, Master of Arts Program Fabrizio,Alyssa (Non-Official)
Comparative Literature and Culture Program Rounseville,Ellen C. (Non-Official)
Computer Science Fox,Myrna A
Computer Science Gudaitis,Anne Wentworth (Non-Official)
Computer Science Marchese,Kathryn (Non-Official)
Conf & Event Services (No Admin)
Consilience Program (No Admin)
Copy Center (No Admin)
Course Evaluation Office (No Admin)
Credit Union (No Admin)
Crown Ctr/Middle East Studies Horowitz,Marilyn R.
Dean of Arts and Sciences Shablin,Joan
Dean of Arts and Sciences Cook,Kathy (Non-Official)
Dean of Students Office Hogan-Crowley,Sarah A.
Dean of Students Office Lebel,Kerri (Non-Official)
Dean of Students Office Whiffen,Kelly (Non-Official)
Dining Services Qualter,Dianne
Dining Services Kates-Peirce,Randi (Non-Official)
Disability Studies Quarterly (No Admin)
Division of Admin & Finance Coletti,Donna J
Division of Admin & Finance Jordan,Gail McDonald (Non-Official)
Economics Yancich,Leslie Anne
Education Program Kell,Eileen (Non-Official)
English Pannella,Lisa J
English Language Program (No Admin)
Environmental Studies Goellner,Briana (Non-Official)
European Cultural Studies Fabrizio,Alyssa (Non-Official)
Facilities Services Hurley,Patricia (Non-Official)
Facilities Services Qualter,Dianne
Facilities Services Coletti,Donna J (Non-Official)
Faculty Center Lodge (No Admin)
Faculty Senate (No Admin)
Farber Archives and Special Collections (No Admin)
Film Studies DeLorenzo,Dona
Film and Media Workshop (No Admin)
Financial Affairs & Treasury Coletti,Donna J
Financial Affairs & Treasury DeSantis,Alyssa (Non-Official)
Financial Affairs & Treasury Hamilton,Marissa (Non-Official)
Fine Arts Dunant,Christine Elizabeth
Foster Lab (No Admin)
General Counsel, Office of the Cappadona,Doreen A
Genetic Counseling Graduate Program (No Admin)
German, Russian and Asian Fabrizio,Alyssa
Global Studies Masters Program Bol,Mangok Mach (Non-Official)
Goodman Institute (No Admin)
Gordon Public Policy Center (No Admin)
Graduate School of A&S (No Admin)
Graduate Student Association (No Admin)
Graybiel Lab Picard,Lee
Hadassah-Brandeis Institute (No Admin)
Hassenfeld Conference Center (No Admin)
Health Svc/Care Group Denning,Diana
Health Svc/Care Group Porter,Anna (Non-Official)
Health: Science, Society and Policy Howell,Kathryn Graham
Heller School Soc Policy & Mgt Purrini,Linda Alice
Heller School Soc Policy & Mgt Cummings,Meaghan E (Non-Official)
Hiatt Career Center Dine,Andrea B.
Hillel at Brandeis Afienko,Ellen
History DeLorenzo,Dona
History of Ideas (No Admin)
Hornstein Program Hengerle,Carol
Institutional Advancement (formerly Development & Alumni Rel.) Rain,Sharon
Institutional Advancement (formerly Development & Alumni Rel.) Gilbreath,J Michael (Non-Official)
Institutional Advancement (formerly Development & Alumni Rel.) Vogel,Tamar Grun (Non-Official)
Interdisciplinary Program in Literary Studies (No Admin)
International & Global Studies Bol,Mangok Mach
International Business School Muise,Karen E
International Business School Hasselriis-Ghom,Lauren (Non-Official)
Internet Studies (No Admin)
Intl Ctr for Ethics McPhee,Marcia Gregory (Non-Official)
Intl Ctr for Ethics Strauss,Barbara
Investment Management Regan,Pamela
Islamic & Middle Eastern Stud. Rothman,Suzanne Ileen
Japanese (No Admin)
Journalism Program Musegades,Paula Jo (Non-Official)
Latin Amer. & Latino Studies (No Admin)
Legal Studies Goellner,Briana
Lemberg Children's Center Baker,Howard
Lemberg Children's Center Eichenlaub,Karen (Non-Official)
Lemberg Children's Center Graves,Anna (Non-Official)
Library & Technology Services Barry,Martha Jane (Non-Official)
Library & Technology Services Reynold,Susan P
Library & Technology Services Lambert,Donna (Non-Official)
Linguistics Fox,Myrna A (Non-Official)
Linguistics and Cognitive Science (No Admin)
Mandel Center for Humanities Bol,Mangok Mach (Non-Official)
Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education Shavelson,Susanne
Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education DiNolfo,Elizabeth (Non-Official)
Mathematics Ledda,Janet
Medieval and Renaissance Studies Howell,Kathryn Graham
Music Kagan,Mark (Non-Official)
Music Nalbach,Cheryl
National Board for Women's Studies at Brandeis (No Admin)
National Center for Behavioral Genomics (No Admin)
National Center for Jewish Film Rivo,Lisa
Near Eastern & Judaic Studies Arnish,Joanne H.
Near Eastern & Judaic Studies Mannion,Jean Marie (Non-Official)
Neuroscience Felton,Heather M
Neuroscience Maryott,Jessica (Non-Official)
Office of Human Resources Abeiga,Giovanna
Office of Human Resources Gill,Ryan D. (Non-Official)
Office of Human Resources Santos,Kelly P. (Non-Official)
Peace, Conflict and Coexistence Studies Jordahl,Lauren (Non-Official)
Philosophy Seeger,Julie
Physics Maher,Roland
Physics Thorne,Joan (Non-Official)
Planning & Institutional Rsrch Feldman,Daniel
Politics Colocouris,Rosanne
President, Office of the Harris,Celia Davenport
President, Office of the Silva,Erin (Non-Official)
Printing Center (No Admin)
Procurement Services Sampson,Courtney
Procurement Services Santisi,Elizabeth (Non-Official)
Program in Religious Studies Howell,Kathryn Graham (Non-Official)
Program in Social Justice and Social Policy (No Admin)
Provost, Office of the Stevens,Kristen
Provost, Office of the Salvucci,Judith Ann (Non-Official)
Provost, Office of the Slowe,Paula (Non-Official)
Psychological Counseling Finstein,Lois A
Psychology Gnatowski,Philip
Psychology Dickinson,Katie (Non-Official)
Public Safety/Campus Police Coletti,Donna J (Non-Official)
Rabb School Marando,Anne
Rabb School Borenstein,Marci (Non-Official)
Rabb School Lee,Amy (Non-Official)
Radiation Safety Bell,Robin
Registrar Cunnane,Richard J (Non-Official)
Registrar Hewitt,Mark S (Non-Official)
Religious Studies Howell,Kathryn Graham
Research Administration O'Keefe,Paul F.
Romance Studies Rounseville,Ellen C.
Rose Art Museum Dawes,William Roy
Rose Art Museum Parker,Kristin A (Non-Official)
Rosenstiel Center Rardin,R Lynn
Rosenstiel Center Shelly,Paula M (Non-Official)
Russian and East European Studies (No Admin)
Sarnat Center for the Study of Anti-Jewishness (No Admin)
Schuster Inst for Invst Jrnlsm Purgus,Claire Pavlik
Schusterman Center Israel Stud Mensing,Kristen L. (Non-Official)
Social Justice Social Policy Jordahl,Lauren (Non-Official)
Sociology Hansen,Cheryl
South Asian Studies Fabrizio,Alyssa (Non-Official)
Student Financial Services Avery,Sherri Melissa
Student Rights & Comm Standard Lebel,Kerri
Students&Enrollment, Office of Figueroa,Carolina (Non-Official)
Study Abroad Van Der Meid,J Scott
Study Abroad Cardwell,Alisha (Non-Official)
Sunday School (No Admin)
Tauber Institute (No Admin)
Technology Licensing Office Menapace,Rebecca
Technology Licensing Office Walsh,Diane (Non-Official)
Theater Arts Hyland,Alicia
Travel Agency (No Admin)
University Seminar in Humanistic Inquiries (No Admin)
University Services Qualter,Dianne
University Studies (No Admin)
Volen Center Complex Systems Felton,Heather M
Volen Center Complex Systems Heinrich,Judith Studley (Non-Official)
Volen Center Complex Systems Rochette,Amanda (Non-Official)
Volen Center Complex Systems Wong,Jean E (Non-Official)
Waltham Group (No Admin)
Women's Studies Research Ctr Hough,Sarah J.M.
Women's and Gender Studies Hunt,Shannon P
Writing Center (No Admin)

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